03 Mac 2009

4 Great Ways of Living

love Allah~

im chatting with my sister, now studying in egypt course syariah islamiyah.she gave me suggetion to write an english short story in my blog.but how?my english is very poor, broken and very troubled..he2..hurm.. after some times of thinking,i thought it was a good idea, to improve my english too. lots of benefits i cn get. as my first step,, i 'll share 4 great ways of living to all my friends and riwayatulhayah blog's readers..

4 Great Ways of Living


Look back and thank Allah

Look forward and trust Allah

Look around and believe Allah

Look within and find Allah

-by kk F

2 ulasan:

Psych0Freak berkata...

my dear lovely sis,
this is a good start..
keep up the good effort..
you'll improve as time passing by.. insyaAllah..

Awrapurnama berkata...

thanks sis..
i hope so..
keep up keep up!
can i learn with u?